automate your parking facility


Enable the capture of all parking revenue from each and every vehicle that enters your facility. Eliminating the human element of letting customers go without paying, 


Limit access to the parking facility to paying customers, employees, monthly parkers, and others which should actually be there. 


From blacklists which will not allow individuals to enter based on their license plate, to the ability to review entering and exiting vehicle footage


Reporting for all traffic in your facility.  This data allows for easy analysis of trends, and educated decisions to be made to further increase revenue


The PARCS system will be the first and last impression of your facility when customers visit. Being able to get them into the facility, conduct their business, and leave with minimal friction is the end goal.


With strategically placed payment stations on property, you can intuitively guide guests to areas where marketing materials can be displayed allowing for a captive audience.

Why ohana



Constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, enabling new and exciting ways for equipment to be introduced and utilized. And allowing for all of our clients needs to be addressed



The bottom line is always the most important, and we work hard to make sure we deliver what we promise. From new projects to servicing existing ones, you can rely on our commitment is to keep everything running.



Serving our clients seamlessly, with minimal interruptions. We understand the need for everyone in our company to operate and carry themselves in a respectable manner, as we are direct representatives to our clients.


“The Ohana team is great to work with. We can always rely on them to help us, and they are always very responsive. The new T.I.B.A. automated parking equipment has increased revenue, reduced operational expenses and enhanced our security and real time reporting capabilities. I would recommend Ohana Parking Systems to anyone looking to improve their bottom line..”

Cathy Luke, President, Loyalty Enterprises, Ltd


"We upgraded the Pan Am Building’s parking system to TIBA’s automated system in April 2019. Ohana Controls worked closely with us through the entire transition process long before the actual installation. The Ohana Controls team also partnered with our parking management vendor to ensure the transition was as seamless as possible. Their attention to detail in the planning stages enabled us to present an upgraded system that was relatively problem free from the onset. Nearly one year later, Ohana Controls continues to be responsive to any concerns and committed to providing great service to us"

Pan Am Building Management 

"We upgraded two of our class A properties with new equipment to include license plate recognition. We're very pleased with Ohana's service and their installation of the TIBA equipment. The transition was seamless and the reliability of the equipment has exceeded our expectations”

Steven SullivanRegional VP Operations Hawaii, Parallel Capital Partners

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